Willis Earl Beal – "(773) 295-2135 (live for Yours Truly)"

(773) 295-2135 (live for Yours Truly) – “(773) 295-2135 (live for Yours Truly)” music video by Willis Earl Beal
– Added on 17-05-2012
– Genre : R’n'B
– Description : The block where Willis Earl Beal’s grandmother has lived for over 50 years in Chicago’s South Side is 2-for-1 barbershops and churches to inhabited houses. Willis lives in a claustrophobic room off the kitchen big enough for a bed, a mini-fridge, an over-stuffed file cabinet, and semi-permanent stacks of Bukowski novels, cd’s, newspaper clippings, clothes, and a boombox. On an afternoon the sun was wrestling free of winter’s chilly grip, Willis sang, sat, spoke, and filled curious stranger’s days with stories of a guy who’ll sing you a song if you give him a call.
– Tags : 2012, 10s, Willis Earl Beal

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